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New Release: MYOB Accounting v27.2, Premier v22.2 and Premier Plus v22.2

In this release ABSS products have been updated with new feature - Financial Analysis report, while Premier Plus has additional updates on IR56 forms for payroll.

New Features

Financial Analysis

We have added a new report named Financial Analysis.

For a start, it has some basic financial ratio analysis to help company stakeholders understand how well the business is performing and potential areas that need improvement.

1. Index to Reports - Accounts

This report can be found at Index to Reports > Accounts > Balance Sheet: Financial Analysis

Index to Reports.png

The sample report will look like this:

Financial Analysis Report.png

There are three types of analysis provided in this report:

a) Liquidity Ratios

Cash Ratio

A liquidity ratio that measures a company's ability to pay off its current liabilities with only cash and cash equivalents.

Current Ratio

A liquidity and efficiency ratio that measures a company's ability to pay off its short-term liabilities with its current assets.

Gearing Ratio

A performance ratio shows the proportion of finance that is provided by debt relative to the finance provided by equity.

b) Performance Ratios

Interest Coverage

A performance ratio that measure the company's ability to meet its interest payments.

Return On Capital Employed % (ROCE)

A profitability ratio that measure the returns that a company is achieving from the capital employed.

c) Profitability Ratios

Return On Sales %

A profitability ratio that calculates how efficiently a company is at generating profits from its revenue.

Gross Profit Margin %

A profitability ratio that measure how efficiently a company uses its cost of goods sold to produce and sell products profitably.

2. Edit Account Details

To use this report, first user needs to linked the relevant accounts to the respective categories used in ratio analysis. This can be done via setup the Financial Analysis acc. group mapping in Edit Accounts for Detail Account only.

Edit Accounts.png

User can select financial analysis account group from the dropdown list, then click OK to save it.

To understand which category mapping requires, user may refer to formula stated in report, and mapped accordingly to get desires result.

Note: Capital Employed and EBITA are defined as:

Capital Employed = Long Term Liabilities + Shareholders Equity + Retained Earning + Current Earning

EBITA = Net Profit + Interest Expenses + Tax Expenses

3. Account List Details

You can also check your mapping by printing Account List Details report.

Account List Detail.png

4. Import/Export Account Information

Import and Export Account functions has been updated with the new field Financial Analysis Account Group.

Import Data 1.png
Import Data 2.png

Compliance Update

[ABSS Premier Plus only] IR56 Forms Update

IR56B, IR56E, IR56F & IR56G forms, has been updated to latest format of Inland Revenue Department. Example of IR56B form as below:

IR56B Sample Form.png


  • IR56B XML file has been updated with:

Special characters in text field such as & <> ' "" has been encoded to the required format.


Note: "AreaCodeResAddr" field reflects Residence Area that user selected in Employee details information. The default value is Hong Kong. User need to ensure correct value selected.

  • Print Receipt advanced filters - updated "Do Not Re-Number Receipts" default option to ticked when user login into the system.

Print Receipt Advance FIlters.png
  • General Ledger Report send to Excel: when huge volume of data send to MS Excel, the maximum lines that able display now set to 65000 lines, which is close to MS Excel import limitation.

  • Free Trial and Sample Data File -  

    • Transaction Limit - All non-activated trial data and sample data file (clearwtr.myo) now carries a limited of maximum 800 transaction lines for trial purposes. Once exceeded limit, that trial data file will automatically become READ ONLY.

    • Free Trial Period - trial period of non-activated data file now set to 7 days only, after which data file will become READ ONLY. To continue using that data, user have to activate it.

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