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MYOB Online Registration, Data file Activation/Confirmation

New Client

1) Install MYOB

Insert MYOB CD into CD-Rom, follow instructions in setup wizard to complete the installation.


2) Click the following button to fill the online registration form. It takes one working day to process your registration. (Not applicable for existing user)

With effect from 6th February 2017 all active MYOB software will have to be upgraded with a new license component for data file activation and confirmation. Please excute the following steps to update your MYOB software in order to activate and confirm your data files.

3) Click the following button to download & execute the licensev2.exe

Step 1: Double click the licensev2.exe to execute

Step 3: Click [Update]

Step 2: Browse the MYOB Application folder default location, e.g.

c:\Premier13.hk_English, or

c:\Plus15.hk_English, or


Step 4: Click [OK}. Repeat step (B) & (C) if you have more than one MYOB application. Close licensev2.exe when finished.

4) You can now perform activation or confirmation via online. (data file entitlement up to 5)

New & Existing Client

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